Box Drops overlays, textures and digital backdrops are brought to you by Sarah Jane Photography and Punch & Sizzle designs. The first set features 25 (plus 4 bonus) overlays/textures along with an action to make using these as easy as the click of a button.


digital backdrops, backgrounds, overlays, textures, digital scrapbook paper,

Check out what  Stephanie at Green Tree Media had to say about the product the first day she used it!!

“When I first looked at the little thumbnails of the BoxDrop set of 25 overlays I thought “Okay – there’s a couple of these that would be nice to have.” Little did I realize how many of these would suit my style perfectly! The BoxDrop overlays contain the perfect mix of subtle and bold textures and colors. I often add warm tinted textured overlays to my images to give it an extra pop and I’ve been incredibly pleased with the perfect the variety I have to choose from in this set. I just downloaded them this morning and I’ve already edited an entire session using the BoxDrop overlays! This photographer gives BoxDrop two big thumbs up and a crazy grin for how excited I am about these textures! Thanks Sarah Jane Photography and Punch & Sizzle!”

Want a set for yourself? On sale through the weekend:

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