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  1. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Jessica and I’m getting married September 8, 2012. I think that your photos are beautiful and was wondering I could get information regarding the different engagement and wedding packages you offer. Thanks!

  2. Sarah-I’m also getting married September 8th, and I see you are unavailable that day. Shucks! I was still wondering, though, what kind of packages you have for the “pictures for him” shoots that you do.

  3. Hello! You just came thorugh my job & a co-worker told me you’re a photographer! –which is something I’m in the need of!
    I would love to get a list of your wedding pricing as well as any june availability you have (if any).

    1. Hi Shanna! I would love to talk with you about photographing your wedding (and glad you stopped by the booth this last weekend as well). Our first step is to check your date to see if I am available, I do still have dates available in June but not many. Then I would love to invite you and your fiancé in for a quick consolation so we can talk about your day, your style and the wedding collection that fits you! My first openings for consults are the week of March 13th and I am available Tuesday-Friday 9-5 and Wednesday evenings until 8. I will email you as well so we can get your consultation scheduled. I look forward to meeting you both soon!.

  4. Hello Sarah,
    I noticed on your blog that you attended your best friend’s wedding about a year ago in Joplin and it was in a barn. I’m currently working with a bride in the Joplin area & she is looking for a unique wedding location. Can you please tell me more about the barn & how I could contact them regarding an upcoming wedding.
    Thanks, Catherine

  5. I am interested in possibly a bridal boudoir photo shoot. Could you tell me your location and give me some more information.

    1. Hi Kristen! I’d love to talk with you about a bridal boudoir session for you. I’m located in Oreana, IL (right outside of Decatur) and our first step would be to invite you in for a consultation so we can go over all the details (process/products/prices/etc) and start to design your session as well. I have openings for consults in a couple weeks so let me know a day/time that usually works well in your schedule and we can get you on the calendar. You can reach me directly via email: mail@sjanephotography.com or 330.7012. Thanks!

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