————————–Finding a Photographer—————————-

While the Internetmakes it easy to browse photographers in your area and quickly view their work and style keep in mind that you will need much more information aside from what you can get off their website to make your decision. In your initial online browsing make sure to look at the photographers main site as well as their blog (if they have one – they should!). The main site will give you a formal look at their work, but keep in mind that this work may be outdated. Check their blog for their recent work and more images from each wedding. Take your time and look at your options.

Talk to friends!Get off the Internet and talk to your friends. Nowadays everyone “knows” a photographer and most families have a certain photographer they trust for all their events. Your friends will tell you if they loved (or hated) a photographer they used in the past. This is a great start but keep in mind that while a photographer might have been a perfect fit for your best friend doesn’t guarantee he/she is the perfect fit for you, but referrals are a great start!

Call and Come In!!! Reputable photographers will offer a complementary consultation where you can meet with the photographer (or an associate) and go over their pricing, products and contract.

While images are very important you need to see more than just a photographers online work before you book. You need to see products! Plus, you really need to have a chance to meet with the photographer. The relationship between you and your photographer is just as important as the images you will get. Your photographer is with you throughout your wedding day and most of the time we tend to direct the day, making sure everyone is where they need to be and helping you know what to expect (we have done this many more times than most of our brides). You want to make sure that you and your husband click with the photographer. If you have a bad feeling when you meet them – don’t book! You will have that bad feeling all day and that is not what you want on your wedding day!!

Make sure you get a chance to meet your photographer at the consultation. Even if the consult is conducted by an employee of the company make sure you have a chance to meet your photographer. It is that relationship that is important. The associate will not be at your wedding.


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