————————–How much time do I need?—————————-

As a photographer, I have to start out by saying that more is ALWAYS better. No this is not about me wanting to make more money. This is about me wanting to give you the best images possible with the least amount of stress. You need time to make great images!

If you want a great album, you need to plan to go to another location to get some images of you and the groom (with or without the bridal party). Look at your favorite images on the photographer’s website. Most of these are probably some romantic, fairy-tale or just plain fun images of the bride and groom and I bet they are not in the front of a church. So if you want these images plan the time for them. You will be much happier in the end.

Plus, most photographers give incentives for booking more time up front. For my clients an 8 hour collection comes with more engagement products than my 6 hour collection and is only about $250 more.  However, adding time the day of the wedding usually runs you more. To add an hour to the 6 hour collection the day of your wedding would cost you about $150 and you don’t get any of the earlier incentives. (I have yet to have a bride book a 6 hour collection without needing an extra hour, even though I tell them this upfront).


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