————————–Other Advice—————————-

Find a photographer you trust – Then listen to them. This is your day and yes you should get everything you want! A good photographer will make sure they can give you anything you ask for, but they will also tell you what it will take. You cannot get amazing images of you and your groom in the beautiful meadow on your farm if you do not schedule enough time for this. We will tell you how much time you need to get everything done and how to make the day less stressful for all, but this only helps if you listen to our advice.

Do not get in your dress before we arrive. There is nothing like the look on your face when you step into your dress for the first time on your wedding day and you do not want to miss that! (Great album page!!)

See each other before the wedding. Yes I know this is a big thing for a photographer to ask, and we do not do so lightly. We understand the emotion of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day and we make that special. At SJP we arrange a fairy tale moment for only you and your groom. While your groom waits for you at the alter we bring you in and down the isle alone, with no one in the church except for us. And we photograph you as you first see your groom and as he stars in awe as you walk to him. And then we start the day, with no one worrying about if you can walk down that hallway because he might see you and without the stress of getting “half” family photographs finished before. We have not had an SJP bride who opted to see her groom before the wedding regret the decision!

Allow for late arrivals. Invariably, someone in your family is going to be late so plan ahead for this. If family images start at 3:00 tell your family they start at 2:30 or 2:45! This helps to ensure that your family is at the location and ready to being when the photographer is ready (a little delay at the start of your day can push everything back).

Don’t be afraid to ask!For anything! This is your day and at SJP we make sure you get what you want. If we can find a way to make it happen we will. This includes crazy shots off the rooftop as well as personal financial plans. We understand how important these images are and that not everyone can afford to pay over $1000 or $2000 for the photography at their wedding. But we do not want to see you disappointed with your images. If price is the thing keeping you from booking us, call us! We work with each client individually to work out payment plans and other options like associate photographers to make sure you still get beautiful images. You only have one chance to capture these memories and get breathtaking images, and we can make SJP work for you! Just ask.


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