————————–Do I really need a PRO?—————————-

YES!!!!! I know everyone is a “photographer” these days and your friend, uncle or cousin might have a “good” camera and offer to take your wedding images for free. Stop! Think about this. This is your wedding day, there is no re-shoot – no do over! Professional photographers have the experience, and back up that your friends do not. What if their camera malfunctions the day of your wedding and you are left without any images? (We bring 2-5 cameras so if one fails we have more).

A professional has the experience to give you beautiful images all day, not just a couple decent shots. We have the product line to respect your images. A CD from a friend will end up in a drawer and your images may never be seen, or you will have to print them yourself (do you want that stress after your wedding is over?)

We also understand lighting, posing and retouching to give you unique and sexy images that no friend/family will be able to parallel. Let your friend photograph your graduation party or birthday party NOT your wedding day. You do not get a second chance for these images


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