___________________ Getting Started__________________

First of all, we want you to know that senior portraits are about much more than just the picture (of course that is a large part of it). Seniors, you are at an amazing age… you are jumping into a new life and may be heading to college or leaping into the working world. This is a time that you are exploring your identity and becoming your own person and that is what your senior portraits are about – your identity. We love photographing seniors because we love your spirit, your life and your attitude (yes mom we love that attitude).

So whether or not you choose to have your portrait experience at Sarah Jane Photography we hope you choose a photographer with a passion for their art and seniors to give yourself an experience you will not forget.

Ready to get started at SJP?

To begin your senior portrait experience at SJP contact Sarah (sarahjanephotos@aol.com or (573) 690.7427 to schedule your complementary design consultation. This is a FREE 30 minute consult where you will meet with Sarah to design a portrait session that is perfect for you.

During the consult Sarah will walk you through the entire SJP senior portrait experience from the consult to the final portrait showing/ordering session, letting you know what to expect along the way. You will also have the chance to custom design you senior portrait session, choosing from our own options and locations and adding in some of your own ideas to personalize your experience.

Most importantly for us, this consult gives Sarah a little time to get to know you and your family (everyone is welcome to come to your consult). Like I said, your images are about showcasing your identity and how can we do this unless we get to know you a little.

The consult is the beginning of your relationship with us and we love meeting our new clients. Plus, since our favorite places to have these consults is in your local coffee shops, book your session and your cup of coffee (or other beverage) is on us! Welcome to the SJP family.


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