————————–What to Look For—————————-

Relationship – Make sure you like and trust your photographer!

Images – The photographer should be able to show you a variety of images of past weddings, products (in person not just listed in a pricing brochure), albums, wall portraits. Keep in mind that most people can take a few good images, but only a professional produces hundreds of great images from your day and they should be able to show you a number of different images from past clients.

Contract!– The contract is very important. This document protect you and the photographer. Do not give money without first signing something that guarantees your date. The photographer should go over the contract with you during your consult to explain what it contains. Be sure you understand what happens in the event of cancellation, mechanical failure (sometimes that cannot be prevented), date changes, late arrival, etc. Your photographer should have a policy in place for all of this.

Associate Photographers– Some photographers offer less expensive options if you choose to use an associate photographer. What does this mean? Basically, the associate photographers are younger, less experienced photographers that have been trained by the main photographer. You get a cheaper rate since you are not getting the established photographer’s experience, style and expertise. This is a great option for those brides looking to save a little money and still get the experience and quality product line of a great established photographer. The savings with the associate photographer may or may not translate in to savings on your products, many times these will cost the same.

SJP will offer associate photographers in 2010 for brides who want the SJP experience and product line but who need to save a little money.


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