_______________________What to Bring______________________

-Now lets get down to the important question!

1) What do I wear?? – First I am going to state the obvious: wear your favorites! You look best when you feel best so pick the clothes that make you feel amazing. That being said I have some key tips to picking the best wardrobe for you senior portraits:

  • Our #1 Rule = Variety! Bring more outfits than your session calls for so we can pick and choose what is best for each location. Bring light and dark, vivid and neutral colors.
  • Bring mostly solid colors. Patterns can be distracting and can clash with your surroundings.
  • Bring a variety of styles. Most seniors have a pretty casual style so bring mostly that, but remember to bring something dressy (for grandma). Bring a prom dress (tux for you guys) or other formal if you have one – these often end up being some of the favorite images!
  • Long sleeves are most flattering.
  • Represent all the seasons. Even though your session may be in the summer/winter bring a variety so the images are timeless.
  • Jacketsand layered outfits will give you the most variety of images. We can change a jacket or add/subtract a layer to totally change you look in one location without a full outfit change.
  • Accessories! Bring everything: shoes, purses, jewelry, SUNGLASSES, belts, and more.

2) What else do I need to bring?

Here are some things that we recomend you bring with you. (Note that some of these items can only be included if your session includes a PROP).

  • Sports gear (prop): Bring your letterman jackets, uniforms, equipment, trophies, metals, etc. You put your time, money and effort into your sport so why not show it off in your images.
  • Hobbies (prop): Make your images uniquely you by showing of your favorite hobbies. Hunting, photography, scrapbooking, archery, and even stamp collecting… these hobbies are part of who you are – show them off!
  • Instrument (prop): You put time and effort into your disipline so why not capture that in your portraits.
  • Your Car (prop): Your first car is a big part of your identity now. I promise you, you will never forget this car so show it off in your session! This includes race cars, motorcross bikes, etc.
  • Friends:  Your friends and family are welcome to come with you on your session. We recomend limiting the number of guests down to about 1 or 2 (mom & best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend is always a good combination).  PLUS: We have options to get your friends and family involved in your session! Book our top session and your friends, boyfriend or sibling can join in your session for no additional charge! Get images of you and your best friend, brother, sister or significant other before moving away. OR you and your friends can book your Art Sessions back to back to save $10 each and get the best deal as you get to use double the locations with a combined shoot.
  • Pets (prop): Your pets are your family too and they are a welcome addition to your session. Add $15 to the Basic or Art session to add your pet or include him/her for FREE in our Rock Star Session.                                        —-TIPS FOR BRINGING YOUR PET: Please bring a leash for your dogs and a travel crate/carrier for all other pets. This is a new and exciting environment for them and they often do better in their familiar crate. Also, if you are including your pet in your session make sure to have a friend or family member there to be in charge of him/her. The pet will not be in every image and we do not want you to be distracted trying to watch him/her. If you pet is a little more energetic and curious you may want to have a friend or family member bring him/her for just a portion of the session and then take them home. My dog likes to “help” me with everything and again we do not want their excitement to take away from your session.
  • Glasses: Glasses can cause glare in your images. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, wear them to your session but you may think about borrowing some empty frames from your eye doctor to prevent the glare. We will do our best to pose you in a way to eliminate most of the glare, but note that there is a $10 charge per image that you would like the glare removed. If you wear contacts and glasses consider wearing your contacts for most of the session.


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