Bellies & Babies Tour w/ Sandy “Sam” Puc’

Seven to Eight hours in a room with 450 professional photographers with one of the best baby photographer’s of our time sharing her secrets to a great baby plan…HEAVEN! I spent my afternoon, evening and most of the night yesterday in Kansas City at the Bellies & Babies Tour with Sandy (Sam) Puc’ and aside from Imaging USA this was one of the greatest learning experiences of my photographic life.

For those of you who are not photographers, or those photographers who do not share the absolute passion and love for the field that I do, this may seem an extreme statement. But for the handful of you that share my passion for photography and have been to a similar conference you know that you leave the program with a regenerated drive, a desire to try most if not all the ideas you were shown, and simply feel the need to go shoot.

For those of you who get the chance to see Sandy Puc’… her show is worth the ticket price and more, she offers great ideas, shares her tirals and “what not to do” stories and walks the audience through a successful baby plan. She will be returning on tour next year with a maternity plan, then a child plan, and the following year with a family plan.

For those of you that are interested in viewing Sandy’s work and/or signing up to see her on tour here are some websites that might be of interest to you:

For my clients: You will all be happy to know that with the inspiration from this program I will be designing a baby plan this summer and looking for models to use in the creation of my promotional products and studio samples. Look for an AD in the Jefferson City News Tribune and for more information to come here on my blog!

2 thoughts on “Bellies & Babies Tour w/ Sandy “Sam” Puc’

  1. I was registered and paid for your seminar in May, but I was unable to attend due to a death in the family.

    Could you please send me the information which was given out at the seminar

    Thank you
    Sue Fortier

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